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Career Counselling Process

what is the next step is someone question which hovers for a class tenth class 12th graduate postgraduate students at every point of

time and this episode is going to focus on what are the processes that are followed in growth center for removing all this career queries expectations we live in a society where parents expectations the influence marks the thought process of the child and yes while taking a career decision parents expectations to play a big role with parent expectations the students of this new age would like to know what the current trends every student beat a class 10 12 or even at a graduate level would like to know what is the current trend in the

market is this hot or this is not is what the question comes into the mind and yes a media to influences us in some way or the other and so by choosing of course our a career what is portrayed in a cinema or a television serial or whatever comes on the web series students to get influenced while taking the career decision basically students are not aware lack of awareness of the various career options maybe they have heard or they have not heard about it most of the times

it’s like I was not aware I didn’t knew this is the process or I didn’t knew this are the subjects to be taken so though there is a Google or though there is a so much of career information still we find students and parents unaware of the options in front of them with parental expectations information the biggest influencer being the friends the peer the students peer group makes a big difference what is my friend going to take is my bestie going to be there we are all going to be together oh my friend has taken this course so why not I what is suited for your friend may not be suited to you is something you need to think about but we see peer pressure being one of the major influencers it is not only up for the students but also for the parents the next influencer is a very quite an interesting one today’s students like to do something different something new something

off wait something off track they like to do something which nobody has done or should nobody has ventured in the family so new and offbeat careers the introduction of so many courses in universities in India as well as can be also one of the influences when students would like to take it up too much focus only on one parameter and that is interest interest is also one of the biggest influencers so you see why taking a decision at any time and the most common influencer across India is the percentage depending upon the percentage the course or the career will be taken so percentage also is one of the influencers as counselors we have seen with the practice in so many years these are a few of the influences that

influence students and parents to take decision at various level beat class 10th 12th graduation or even post graduation so now that you know the influencers you need to know how should we get out of this influencers and growth centre we follow certain scientifically designed and developed throughout the years we have seen that it has given us far-reaching benefits for the students and their parents to come at a proper decision-making process first you know we need to take an intake the students proper intake has to be taken as well as the parents intake followed by psychometric assessments and then followed by one-to-one counseling session with the child and the parent so facilitate your decision making process at growth

centre when a child comes for interaction with the counselor where the counselor tries to take the personal details the educational details she tries to understand the concerns and the expectations of students as well as parents the main reason to know why they have approached us so this process is known as intake session very interaction with the child happens with the counselor thereafter the child is made comfortable and informed about the importance of undergoing the aptitude tests and the day process when we talk colloquially used word basically we call it a psychometric

assessment and at group centre we conduct three main test one is intelligence test second one is the aptitude test and third one is the personality test in the last phase which is the counseling process so once the psychometric assessment for around four to five hours then after a counseling session is provided to the child along discussion of the test score is done followed by career recommendation on the basis of the potentials of the child an in-depth discussion and guidance on various scores option suggested on the basis of the potentials the outcome of the career counseling session is that you


are now equipped with the career decision-making process which includes recommendation along with a back-up plan not to forget you’re also well-informed about the procedures that are involved to get into the course the kind of clarity that a student and a parent leaves ensures that they are now ready to take off on the couriers growth center doesn’t stop here we also ensure that if you need our services even at the end if you need further insights from us we are there to handhold you and take you through the rest of color I’m sure career growth is ensuring good information to you and we at

growth center the entire team of growth center is focused towards ensuring that you have a better career better growth and and lives that make us happier successful and stable I’m sure you are subscribing watching spreading career growth as a YouTube channel but please ensure that to go on the right path you don’t shy be wise and take the caride career advice be at growth center are waiting for you to make your career

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