10 Different Types Of Jobs You Might Have

what’s happening it’s shane here and i am very excited to make this video today we are going to be talking about the 10 different types of jobs and the way i’m going to be approaching this is i’m going to talk about these jobs in terms of the experience that you have while doing them so this isn’t gonna be like doctor lawyer uh you know firefighter anything like that it’s gonna have more to do with the


actual experience that the person doing the job has and so i’m gonna be grouping a bunch of different types of careers together because people tend to have relatively similar experiences in these careers and i think this is going to be a very informative video because you really want to figure out what type of job you want to have and then set that as a goal for yourself that you want to reach in the future and that’s going to make everything so much easier for you because then you can figure out okay this is my goal and then you can work backwards and figure out the steps you need to take in order to get


there now before we get into it let’s make sure to gently tap that like button hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell let’s set a goal 500 likes on this video so number one on the list is going to be a normal job we’re just going to get this one out of the way right now this is by far the most common one out there so some things about having a normal job and honestly this could be anywhere from like an entry-level job where you’re a cashier or you’re stocking shelves all the way up to somebody who’s been working 20 to 40 years and this is basically a job where you work like a nine to five


you’re working those normal hours you work five days a week then you have the weekend off while you’re at work you’re relatively busy and the work that you do will probably range from you absolutely hate it too it’s mildly enjoyable but it’s definitely not going to be something that you love right it’s not going to be a passion it’s not going to be your calling or anything like that now a lot of normal jobs are going to be necessarily think that that’s a bad thing i think most people in the world are going to have like a normal job at one point and it’s a pretty good growing experience because you know let’s say your first ever job is actually a really good job you’re never


really going to realize how lucky you are and you’re not going to feel grateful because you don’t understand uh that that is you know where the bars set right you don’t understand that a lot of jobs most jobs are kind of like down here and the really good job is up here but most people’s first jobs are going to be crappy jobs you might be working at a restaurant you might be working at fast food stocking shelves etc you are going to realize how lucky you are so it’s not a bad thing to have like a normal job but eventually you do want to try to move into one of these other types of jobs and which one you

move into is going to completely depend on your personality so number two on the list is what i’m going to be calling a warm body job and this is because you basically just need to be a warm body so they’re paying you just to be there essentially right to be kind of like on call every once in a while and so a few examples of this would be maybe a security guard right so you’re a security guard you’re

supposed to just kind of sit there watch the televisions to make sure there’s no people walking around every hour maybe you walk around the premises or something like that but essentially most of the time you’re not going to be doing much another example of this and this is what one of my friends did during college is he got an overnight job at a hotel so he was basically just the person who was


at the desk overnight at a hotel now he told me that during his eight hour shift he probably only had about one to two hours of work to do every once in a while maybe like two or three times a night somebody would come up but for the most part he didn’t have anything to do and so what did he do he was very smart about it he studied for his classes while he was working the job so he was literally just getting paid to study now it did have very weird hours and so that was kind of a downside but overall he paid for most of his college by doing that and it was just a really good gig for him


specifically because he didn’t really mind the hours another example that i know of is a guy who worked as an it guy at a factory and this was a factory where they really didn’t need very much i.t help again during an eight-hour shift he would probably only work one to two hours and then the rest of the time he had pretty much to himself he could do have you tried turning it off and on again and so he was able to actually build an online business while he worked at that factory so again he was getting paid to build an online business now

there’s different spectrums here there’s people who it’s like truly just like warm body where you’re pretty much doing zero work the entire time all the way to maybe you’re doing like four to five and an eight-hour shift and then you kind of have like three hours off if i’m being very brutally honest here in my experience uh a lot of government jobs tend to be like this where there’s honestly not a lot of work to do and they spend a good amount of time just kind of like surfing facebook or the internet or playing chess online or government related internships and in both of them that was my experience it’s also been my experience when i’ve talked to people generally

speaking government jobs are very cushy you don’t have to do a lot of work and so during those types of jobs even if you’re not trying to start like a side hustle or an online business you can take care of your bills you can order your groceries online you can get a lot of work done while you’re at work so that when you’re out of work you can do whatever you want with your obligations so these jobs can be very sweet again for the right person there’s other types of

personalities where you would just be bored to death in this type of job number three on this list is going to be a lifestyle job and this is basically going to be working for a company that provides a very nice one example of this would be working for one of the big tech companies in silicon valley they are very well known for treating their employees extremely well so we’re talking uh google facebook netflix etc there’s an acronym for this it’s fang and that stands for facebook apple netflix google and then there’s actually two a’s so the other a is amazon and these companies essentially just treat their

employees extremely they give them like super long breaks they provide free food for them free complimentary free whatever you want they give them all kinds of different employee benefits google for instance will bring in famous people that give talks and you’re allowed to stop whatever you’re doing and go listen to this famous

person like ryan Reynolds or give a speech and in some cases you can actually talk to them personally one on one so it can be really good for networking in a lot of these offices you’re allowed to do your work on bean bags there’s gyms at the office you can now imagine a place nothing like it and a million times better there’s just so many perks that they offer you and it’s just a pretty good experience overall and they really try to keep their job satisfaction of their employees as high as possible now i’ve talked about this before on the channel you can kind of check job satisfaction i think the best website is probably glassdoor.com but there’s also other types of

companies where let’s say you’re somebody who wants to travel a lot right so you know you’re somebody who wants to travel to other countries for instance or all over the united states that might be a lifestyle job as well so you could get maybe a consulting gig for instance and then you would travel to different companies across the country maybe even different companies across the world and you would get to enjoy all these different cities while you’re there so

that would be another example of a lifestyle job now some people that would be a nightmare right you wouldn’t want you want to be home you know near your family or you’re just kind of a homebody you don’t want to leave all that often so again very person to person now the next one on the list number four is actually very similar to number three and that is going to be a prestigious stepping stone

job so essentially this is where you work for a company that’s very well known like a company that is at least a fortune 500 company and it has a brand name that almost everybody recognizes now a lot of the time prestigious jobs fortune 500 companies are also going to be lifestyle jobs they’re going to treat their employees relatively well but sometimes they don’t and so that’s why i made two separate

categories for this but almost all the time and it’s kind of unfortunate that this is the way things work but almost all the time if you get a fortune 500 job it’s going to look a lot better on your resume than if you got a job with some kind of mom and pop shop and the reason for that is because hr hiring managers and business owners are going to recognize the brand name from that company and subconsciously it’s going to trigger what is basically uh you

know they think okay the hr managers from that company thought this person was okay and so therefore you know it’s probably safe for me to think this person is okay as well that’s also known as social proof social proof is a very powerful concept and sales marketing and just psychology in general and it’s kind of stupid in my opinion a lot of the time it doesn’t make sense but that’s just kind of the way

that the world works because of the fact that they see that you made it through this other automatically think that you are worthy of making it through or at least more worthy of making it through their company’s hiring process right so in many cases you might even take a position where you don’t necessarily want to stay in that position but it’s just because of the fact that it is for a company that


you think has a very good brand name like it’s fortune 500 maybe even a fortune 50 company and so therefore after working there for a few years your resume is going to look very very good and you’re going to be much more likely to get the dream job that you want so whenever i’m helping people out with career stuff i’m consulting with people unfortunately the you know objective blunt truth that i

have to give them you know if they’re looking at two different jobs is it’s probably best for your career for you to go with the prestigious or you know stepping stone type company now after you get some experience with them then you can go work for whatever company you want to but you know your resume is going to look very very good now number five on the list is going to be a remote job this has become more and more common for obvious reasons in the world

over the last few years and again this is something where a lot of people aren’t gonna like it and a lot of people are actually really enjoying it so i did a poll on my channel where i basically asked people would you rather work in person or remotely and 57 of people would rather work in person and 43 would rather work remote so actually pretty significant amount of people do actually want to work remote job and i can see why because there are a lot of upsides to working remote now basically you know i went on

vacation last year i went to and i met several people who were working remote jobs right so there was one person for instance she was doing the same exact job getting paid the same exact amount as before everything happened in the world but she was working remotely and she was able to basically do her eight hours a day and then at night every single night she was you know having a good time enjoying paradise there was another guy i met a long time ago

that meeting him actually kind of changed the course of my life in he was basically a database architect and he had a remote job as well he was very very good at what he did and he got paid a ridiculous amount of money to essentially work like around 10 hours a week on average so i don’t remember the exact figures but it was like 200 000 plus per year and he was working 10 hours a week now that of course is an extreme example but you know he was able to live a

very very nice lifestyle as well he was always going on vacation i think he went on vacation like once a month and then when he wasn’t on vacation you know he would be doing his work in coffee shops and at different restaurants and that’s kind of like where i ran into him so yeah remote jobs can be extremely appealing for many

different reasons and for the right person that can be a fantastic choice and remote jobs do tend to be relatively easier than doing the same work in person just because you don’t have to be like face to face and it’s almost impossible to micromanage somebody who’s doing a remote job not always but they do tend to be and many people who work not doing nearly as much work as they did in office so for instance if you’re working like a 40 hour job and you were

doing like 30 hours of actual work per if you’re doing it remotely maybe you’re only doing 20 hours or 10 hours of work per week and because of this a lot of people who have remote jobs will actually do side hustles kind of similar and then many actually get a second job so they’re getting paid twice as much to do the same amount of work essentially now number six on the list is going to be a good manager job so if you ever want to go into management you’re gonna have to

realize that it is a ton of work right so if you accept a manager job a lot of the time and i’m just just being honest here like you’re pretty much going to be on call all the time right because you know you’re going to go into work you get off work and then somebody calls in and then you’re going to have to be texting people um about like hey this person called in can you cover their shift there’s just like so as a manager and so you have to realize that there’s a lot more responsibility and you’re going to be working a lot harder but with

that being said a good manager job is going to compensate you for all of that extra work for one and for two it’s going to be teaching you leadership and management skills which are invaluable now you can use these leadership and management skills to either move up in the company and become like an executive or you know something like that a very high paying job or you can use those leadership and management skills to start your own business so having a good manager job can be great for the right person the

right personality especially if you’re somebody who is wanting to learn leadership and management skills and improve that area of your life now number seven on the list is going to be a bad manager job and this is something that i have seen over and over again what a bunch of companies will do is they will take a position right like a position let’s just say you’re making 50 000 a year just to make it

simple and then they will have people who work in pay bump to like 55 000 a year maybe sixty thousand dollars a year in order to be a manager now you are going to be doing probably twice maybe three times the amount of work but you’re only getting paid 10 to 20 percent more than the other people who are working in that job i have seen that so many times run the other way almost never going to be worth it if companies are being super cheap on you like that there’s other manager positions in smaller companies where you’re essentially like the ceo of the company like you’re running the

company but you’re only getting paid as a manager right so the person who owns the company is just making a ridiculous amount of money and you’re the manager you’re doing all the actual work but you’re not getting paid jack squad okay so you really want to i mean i guess if you want to get some experience or something you know and there’s no other way to get it you know get yourself a bad

manager position and then transfer over to a company where you’re getting a good manager position but you really don’t want to get stuck in one of these uh one company for instance that i know when people would get into the manager position they’re basically stuck there there was no way of getting out of it right because so many people were falling into this trap and then they were like you know what i would rather not be a manager and the company was we’re not going to let you have your old so you’re screwed so yeah

definitely try to avoid those types of jobs number eight on the list is going to be a career or a calling so this is going to be something where you are doing a job where you know it’s probably going to keep you busy and stuff like that and you know you’re getting paid a good amount like definitely enough to live and enough to be happy but the big thing about a career or a calling is you’re really happy with the career itself right so it’s not just that it has high definitely does help but the job has a good amount of meaning as well so

you’re doing something that’s extremely and therefore over the long term it’s really going to make you happy and keep you happy right so this is something you see pretty commonly in like medical they can be very challenging you know you work really hard but at the same time they do have relatively high meaning scores and i’ve talked about this in many different videos because you know that you are helping people out you’re truly doing something that you’re helping others out and it’s something that you know not only makes you happy temporarily you know like job satisfaction would but it

also keeps you happy over the long run so this is something that again can be a fantastic choice for the right person the next one on the list number nine is going to be a high paid employee so this is somebody who is making a ton of money but they the best known examples of this would be certain types of lawyers they can make a really good amount of money people who work in the finance industry that’s another great example also sometimes executives at bigger companies can fall under this category and this one and the

last one can be a great choice for a certain personality type if you’re somebody who kind of just wants to work you know earn an honest living and then go home and just enjoy the rest of your life and work is kind of just then uh that can be a fantastic choice and you can actually get to the point where you’re making millions of dollars a year um oh yeah another example would be sales in some cases like high ticket they can also make hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars a year as well now usually as a high paid

employee it’s going to involve a lot of leadership and management skills and it’s also going to take up a lot of your time so you’re probably going to be working much more than you know 40 hours a week and it’s gonna be more than a nine to five but you will likely be compensated for all of that extra work and you can make a heck of a lot more than normal people would in a nine to five now there is a slight difference between number nine and number 10 on the list and number 10 is basically an intrapreneur not an entrepreneur an entrepreneur so an entrepreneur is also going to be a high-paid

employee but it’s going to be somebody who is more innovative than the average employee right you’re not somebody who’s just keeping the ship running you are somebody who is actively working to steer the ship like you are saying you know what we’re not going to go to this island we’re going to go to this island so you are essentially replacing the person who originally founded the company you’re doing basically everything that they did and again this is perfect for certain personality types there’s certain people out there that entrepreneurship is just a little bit too random there’s too much chance and there’s too much risk involved in it and they don’t want to take that chance so what they’d rather do because they’re

somebody who’s still very innovative very creative they would rather take a company that’s already doing well and then just improve it i think an organization that has done a fantastic job hiring intrapreneurs is amazon so you see that amazon comes out with all of these different types of companies that are like sub companies

under the umbrella company of amazon so for instance they came out with amazon fba which is essentially where they let anybody sell stuff on their platform and then they basically just let the free market do its work and the best products rise to the top another company they started was amazon kindle and whenever these new companies were started they had people who they put in charge of launching the products right so they had these people who were essentially intrapreneurs they were still working for the company

itself but they told them like this is what we want to do this is the job you know they had some limitations like this is how much money we’re allocating to this uh this is how much time you have etc but overall they you know go ahead and do it right these accomplish go ahead and do it so entrepreneurs are very similar to entrepreneurs but i think what they kind of lack in some ways is they’re a little bit more risk averse so they don’t want to take as much risk and they also like to be creative but they like to be creative within the

confines of a company right so they want to have that stability of having that company having that you know normal paycheck coming in every two weeks or every month but they also want to have the creativity to express themselves and come up with new innovative ideas so if that sounds like you intrapreneur might be a fantastic type of job or career for you to go for now one thing i want to mention is some jobs are a combination of a bunch of these right some jobs might be a combination of a bunch of different ones.

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