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IT career paths – the best for beginners

how can you get started what are the best drop rolls for beginners which also no matter if you’re older and you want or you’re young and you just want to get in this video i will give you a broad overview of the most common it career i will tell you what skills are required which it certifications are important in these roles and also what opportunities they will give you later in your it so if that sounds all amazing to you hi everybody my name is christian and the right place for you to start your it career achieve new skills and learn how to become a real i.t professional i always make great tutorials free on youtube and i also do a lot of live streaming on youtube and twitch so if that sounds all amazing to you don’t forget to subscribe to my channel in this video we want to talk about ik career paths that are best for beginners and i actually thought a lot

how i beginners or for people who want to make and what different id career paths really give you enough opportunities to develop a successful id career and to no matter if you’re already working in it and you want to make the transition to a more professional id career path and you want to develop a successful id this is also right video for you but first we’re going to talk about how to get started for everybody who is not the hardest thing for people is to just get started and i actually know this very well because i was exactly in the i really had no experience i had no and i really struggled a lot to get started because i really didn’t know where my strengths and

weaknesses are i had no self-confidence i had no idea where i should start and i wish i knew some of the tricks i’m gonna share also some people may have reservations because they think they don’t have or they don’t believe they are talented professionals but trust me don’t worry it’s not so important where you come from i’ve seen so many people during my who ended up working very advanced i.t roles with a high salary but they start in it so they made the transition coming from a completely different job so everything is possible it’s more important what experience and get during your it career and how can i think experience is the most valuable also don’t be afraid

to start at the bottom because that’s probably the best way to learn something and trust me it most people actually start at the bottom and start with an entry level id job like on help desk or desktop support opportunity to get started in it even if you don’t have any experience if you don’t have certifications or degree because usually in those entry level i.t you don’t need any experience you don’t trust me even if some job descriptions want you to have something but that’s they will get experienced people who work in an entry-level id role but that’s just those companies are dreaming because most

people just start with an entry level i.t job they don’t know anything about it but they just get started they get the experience during their career i personally i also started in an entry level i.t job in an i.t support role so this is a perfect opportunity to just get a foot in the to learn how to speak to customers how issues and this is just the best way to and get your first experience in the field while entry level it jobs are a at some point in your it career you just want to move on

because i know that you’re working in this entry-level i.t job and you just want to develop your it more experience you just want to take successful id career get a better job and get a higher salary to me this happened also because this was the first seriously started to think about my id in which direction i should go in which area i should specialize which i.t and this is also what we’re going to discuss in this video and i know this is not so easy because the it is such a vast industry there’s so many different job roles job

descriptions i.t career paths certifications and for it can be completely overwhelming and and we will first start with the system so this is a very common ik career path and usually it is very easy to make the transition from entry level to this path with some front-end clients or front-end systems already in your desktop support and on the systems in infrastructure get to work with servers with systems with virtualization so you mainly need to configure and maintain those back-end and this is also a very interesting path you

usually will work as a systems admin and you can also develop your it career advanced i.t roles such as systems architect so this is a very interesting you usually will do a lot with windows servers because active directory is companies are using so this is very important also virtualization is very linux servers so you should definitely focus on microsoft certifications also linux certification can be valuable if you want to make the transition to a advanced linux server admin or something like this but you could also make the transition to more sales and consultant roles later in your it career when you trust me

before you take the chance to move on to a more sales role a pre-sales you usually should have a good understanding of those different systems because if you go to a company and you make recommendations how this company should integrate specific services you should have a broad overview of the technologies and the systems and services those companies are using the next it career path is networking my favorite id career path i also strongly recommend it for beginners because you can either make the

systems in infrastructure path so for example you are working in a junior and you want to specialize in networking you can just make the transition and apply for a job as a network admin but you could also directly start in networking this is also sometimes possible but it probably is a bit harder because you usually will need to know some fundamentals about networking and when you want to move on and want to make the transition to more advanced network engineer or network architect and usually you should get some

important networking certifications i can just recommend you to get the compta network plus at the beginning so this is a non-vendor it certification that will a lot of the fundamentals you will need but also opens up the opportunity to work with different networking vendors because there are a lot but also the extremely valuable even if the company you are working for doesn’t have cisco those cisco certifications just like fundamentals in networking and this is respected in the it industry so a lot of companies are using cisco devices and if they don’t they usually respect the value of those well established it certifications from cisco so this is but you also can get some alternative certifications from juniper for example there are a

lot of opportunities in the network path and usually those advanced roles can also get you a very high if you specialize in some areas there are also a lot of opportunities to even further for example you can become a wi-fi specialist or you could also the networking it career paths with other i.t career paths we’re also going so the next one is a cloud technology or the cloud infrastructure path and this is very interesting because this is an ide career path that came up a few years because a lot of companies are making this transition from on-premise hosting to the cloud and cloud is very popular so usually

you don’t start directly in for cloud technologies you should have a infrastructure so you could also make systems in infrastructure to cloud and you also need to know a lot of also needs to be connected to a network you usually work a lot with vpns and virtual networks with pod forwarding so this is also very important and it is very common to make the transition from the systems infrastructure or the networking id career path towards a cloud specialized i.t role just like cloud admin and later you can also specialize even further

you can get jobs in this id career path like cloud so this is also very important there’s also one special role you can also get in this i.t career path this is the and this is a very unique role because between a developer and an operations and this is also very common in the cloud systems need to be automated and this usually is done by devops engineers processors to deploy structures to to integrate this structure with this is probably a more advanced role but i just want to tell you that you and cloud is a very promising i.t career a lot of companies are hiring those cloud specialists and i think this is a promising i.t career path that will get more and more important in the future so if you want to work as a cloud engineer you usually should focus on two popular cloud infrastructure companies amazon aws and microsoft azure they also offer a lot of it

certifications in different career paths with different so you just should pick one or even both of these companies and check out their and if you can get those certifications that will extremely help you to develop your itigaria in the cloud path and the last it career path i also want to talk about is cyber security so this interesting and exciting path i think and today everybody dreams of becoming a i think this is probably very common these days before you start in cyber security you should start in a different usually cyber security specialists they knowledge in many different areas in it so usually

you will make the transition or even cloud to cyber security and cyber security is also a very special id career path because you can combine this with almost all different id career paths so this is also very interesting so i also did that because i started with systems in infrastructure in a more entry-level it job and then i made the transition to a specialized network role when i applied for a job in an i.t and why i started to work in the network so this is also very interesting because usually requires you to get a very good understanding of network technologies cyber security and this is

very very interesting so usually the cyber get you very well paid jobs so they usually got a high salary and you got a lot of responsibility in these roles most people dream of becoming a pen tester or hacker but that’s just one so the cyber security path is also a path with many different job roles you can be a security admin you can be a security manager later so there are a lot of interesting job opportunities salary and this is very very important but as i said you usually should get some fundamentals and its certifications in other it career path before doing although some people probably may start directly in cyber security but i think very hard it’s not very easy if

you want you can get it certifications like ceh especially the ci ssp is a more advanced it certification that will also require some years of experience so if you want to get this it certification you also work for a few years in a cyber security company so as i said this probably is the direct path for beginners but it is interesting path to move on later in your it career so these were the most common it career path that are best for beginners as i said cyber security i also left out some other id career path as you probably have noticed we didn’t

talk about developers or the so there are also different options and are just the most common ones that so in my opinion the systems in infrastructure and the networking path i.t career path that are easy for beginners to get started with so as i said if you are struggling to working in a job role start with an then build your knowledge make your certifications for these id career paths and then if you feel ready take the the transition to one of these it career also don’t get crazy with these it certifications i know some people just want to get

all its certifications but this is even completely impossible because an it certification doesn’t guarantee you a job automatically so this is also a common mistake people certifications they will automatically get their job well that’s not the case don’t get me wrong i.t certifications are extremely valuable and they are but they don’t guarantee you a job you still need to be the right person you still need to be a good fit for a so it’s just much more important to develop your experience to develop your and on top of that you should also get one or two it certifications that are valuable and

important in your id career by the way if you are wondering how you can get those it certifications you should take a look at it pro tv it pro tv offers you over 5000 hours of video practice exams test labs and much more so if you use a promo code the digital life or you just click on the link in you will get 30 percent of all subscription plans of it pro tv so this and this is a great opportunity to learn and study for iit certifications take those practice exams and recap these technologies in test labs if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit the like button and please tell what it career path are you working on and which it certifications you’re currently studying on so i would be very so please leave me a comment you can also come to my

discord on my twitch live stream if you just have any questions or you just want to get in touch with people who share the same interests like you so before i go i need to thank mason and all my other because without you the community this so thanks everybody for watching enjoy take care of yourself and i see you soon

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