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This year or next year, but for 15-20 years will be India’s Highest Paying Jobs And their earning potential will also be more than 50 lakhs/annum what sup guys? Ayushman this side and welcome back to my YouTube channel so today in this video we’ll talk about 7 highest paying jobs that you should prepare for in 2022 And in this video I will tell you about the jobs Which are such jobs which will be relevant not only till 2022, 2023 or 2025 but for 10-15 years from now and will be the highest paying jobs So you can see huge growth in these The 7 jobs I have selected for this video are based on 3

criteria’s First of all this is easy for everyone Obviously you have to work, you have to do skill, you have to put effort. but its not very difficult Secondly in this you will not have to see much struggle This is not a cricketer or actor or influencer job, in which you have to see the struggle or else the luck factor will be involved third and most importantly this is one of the highest paying jobs which you can do

in india So without wasting time let’s move on to our countdown. But before proceeding I want to get to know from you When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up What profession or job did you want to do like when i was little i wanted to be a cricketer Like everyone has a dream to become mine was to become cricketer, what is yours? Pause this video now and tell me in the comment section so the first job in this list is Data Scientist You must have seen many ads related to the courses of Now Data

Scientist online. and there is the reason for it Because Data Scientist is such a job, it is very high paying and which has a lot of demand. At this time in India as well as in International market Whenever you file your information on any online platform Or you take action on any app Like you liked any post on Instagram or did you buy something Or you clicked a link on Google So all this information, data is generated about you. The basic job of end data scientist is


that Structure this raw unstructured data to process them And by analyzing them to get some meaningful insights from them Let’s Suppose you bought a t-shirt online from myntra So after that you will start to notice that on different social media platforms just like YouTube, Instagram or google Here you will start getting the recommendation of brands or t-shirts You will start getting their offers or their advertisements will start coming. At present, the

salary of Data Scientist in India is 10-15 lakh per annum if you work in a good place And if you have good skills but as you keep growing in this industry Your salary can go up to 30,40 and 50 lakhs /annum So moving on that second job But I don’t know why very few people know about it Very few people tell or talk about it Very few people tell or talk about it RBI stands for the reserve bank of India RBI basically is the Central Bank of India, is the Bank of Banks The main job of RBI is to maintain the


economic stability of our India. as you can guess RBI grade-B officer is a government job and this is one of those government jobs among the few government jobs which is very high paying earns very good salary RBI grade-B level is basically an emtry level job now the most important and interesting part starting salary of a RBI grade-b officer is 77,000/- per month And apart from this, you get different benefits and allowances while having a government job. and RBI

officers as an assistant managers join karte hai As you work, you can also become a deputy officer in future. And Guys, I also talked about RBI Grade-B Officer in this video. So even more definitely checkout So on moving then next job you must have definitely heard about it In Movies and News, Infact Ashneer Grover and falguni nayar Ceo of nykaa she also started her career with this job And this is investment banking is a private company that funds government and private companies. But these banks are not like our traditional banks in which we have savings account Can make deposits or take loans from them they provide different types of financial services for example if a company wants to raise funds

through IPO or VCA funding so they get help from investment banks of if some company needs to do merger and acquisition like swiggy is doing acquisition of dine-out so in these jobs to investment banks help alot and investment banks helps in further trading too and to work on these services and to facilitate these banks hire investment bankers and investment bankers are one of the highest-paid professionals not only in india but globally also at this time an average salary of an investment banker is 10-12lakhs/annum but if you complete your MBA from top 20 schools or pursue this career for a very long time so your salary can reach upto 50-

60lakhs/annum but yes, it definitely is not that easy you will have to work hard and the scope and potential is too high in the job as an investment banker moving on to the 4th job of this list is quite unique and personally I believe in upcoming 10-15 years requirement of this skillset will be increasing and this job title is game developer or game designer the job profile of a game

developer is to convert the concept of game in a playable one to convert it into playable reality as a developer you will have to code different visual elements you will have to program for different features and will have to test your game again and again until it is fit for the market and if you are very much interested in the gaming and you’re interested in learning how to develop the game and you wanna create the game so I think game development is a very

lucrative option for you in your career and to become a game developer you neet to have 4 sets of skills unity, unreal engine, clanguage, c# what is all this? to get to know about that i’ve provided a link in the description box you can check it out and usually the game developers are B.tech in computer science or have an engineering degree with them but at this time there are many online platforms and many universities too which provide

specialized courses in game designing and game development now the 5th job in this list this job is dear to my heart, my resume and my LinkedIn account too because I myself am doing this job and this is software engineer as we all know, we all live in a digital world in the digital world we’ve just arrived in 5-6 years back but we live in the technological era from past 20-25 years and the most crucial part of technology is its underlying software and to develop and

code this software this work is done by a software engineer and software engineer is a very broad profile the work is not very specific it depends of the industry or the company you work as there are many service-based companies in india TCS, VIPRO, INFOSIS, HCL, TECH MAHINDRA these all are services based companies which usually provides services to other companies software

services, on the other hand, there are many product-based companies just like faang is product-based company facebook, apple, amazon, microsoft, Netflix, google and many more companies which are product-based companies so these companies too require software developers to create there product and there is no doubt that there will be a requirement of software developers for more than 100 years

in the technological age and era to do anything you’ll need to code and to code software you’ll require software engineers and to be honest in India if you see the average salary of a software engineer it will be a bit less 5-6 lakhs/annum but these software engineers are usually those who are not upskilled or work in small companies but if you skill up yourself or have a good college or crack a good company so you can easily expect the salary around 15-20

lakhs/annum and as you go on forwards the career and become senior software engineer so you can easily expect the salary aroung 30,40,50 lakhs/annum moving on the sixth job in this list is product manager you might have heard about the product manager job in these few years atleast the name and product managers are currently in much demand in indian market and to be honest product manager is relatively a new role in previous 10-12 years product manager as a profession people have started taking it seriously and product managers are often known as CEO of

products because it is there responsibility to own the product from starting to end they think about the product and understand the need about the product according to that they develop plan for the product ideate it and then with the help of design and tech team they finalize the product and then they look after the design and execution of the product and finally launching the product between customers and looking for the review and the effectiveness of the product and product manager is such a field which can be opted after a work experience of few years or else you can do the

internship of product manager after completion of your college or as an associate product manager can join a company and the salary of a product manager in india is around 10-15lakhs/annum but if you work in a top company as a high level product manager so your salary can go up to 30,40,50 lakhs/annum but yes, once again you will have to work hard and put on the required efforts and continuously you will have to skillup yourself so finally the 7nth and this job is most favorite of students from commerce field and yes you guessed it right, it is CA Chartered Accountant Chartered

accountant basically advises there clients in finance and investments and at the same time helps with there money management and primary responsibilities of a chartered accountant are taxation, accounting, auditing and reporting and as a fresher there salary can vary in between from 6-10lakhs/annum but as you succeed further in your career and will gain enough experience your salary can easily touch up to 40-50lakhs/annum it can go further that too.


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