What Career Best Suits You? Personality Test

you’ll answer 15 questions get your phone ready to put down your points you’ll sum them up, in the end, to find number one if you had to access a time machine would you rather travel to a the past i’m a history fan be the future can’t wait to see those traveling isn’t my thing i’d sell that d the great barrier reef or maybe Paris i’d rather

travel to new places option a brings you 40 points if you just got 20 points if you picked c what sounds like the worst idea to you a giving someone full access to your they’ll be able to post and comment on traveling to the same place every vacation till the end of your life c letting someone pick outfits for you d have your most annoying colleague in case you chose option a give yourself b adds 20 points to your score c is number three you feel happiest when you find a solution for some technical issue b help a friend solve a

the problem that’s c perform on stage i can’t live without d work on a painting write a story or do technology fans award yourself with 20 those who went for option b you just got c is worth 10 and d gets you 40 points number four your friends call you and say they’ll be at your place in 30 minutes what do you take care of first hey i’ll check the fridge and see what i this house definitely needs urgent i have to arrange a playlist for the night music sets the right move d where are my car keys i’m leaving if you went for the fridge here are 30

points for you 20 points will help you option c brings you 40 points d is worth number five you just want unlimited access to your favorite ride at the fun what is it going to be a bumper cars i can’t go any more extreme than that b what’s that roller coaster with seven c i love merry-go-rounds d can i swap it for unlimited access to paints and option a adds 10 points to your basket b c is worth 30 and d is worth 40. number six describe your ideal workout a please direct me to the nearest gym i’m a treadmill and bench press kind of b my

ideal workout is no workout at all unless marathon viewing counts as a see yoga is life it calms me down and if option a sounds like the way to go if b is your choice you just scored 10 in case you went with c it’s worth 40 number seven how much time do you spend a i don’t have time for that b any more c about three hours when i’m bored at d 24 hours a day seven days a week it’s if you picked option a you just scored if you chose option b it’s worth 10 which of those sounds most like your a i post a lot about everything that b i mostly scroll through the news feed i share funny memes and new posts d a is worth 30 points b gives you 40 number nine pick an image that matches a a peaceful sunrise i’m pretty happy b crossroads i can’t decide where to go c a busy city i always have something d

thunderstorm and lightning things your inner peace brings you 30 points if here are your 40 points busy people get lightning brings you 20 points number 10 you decide to paint the walls in your room for a change is it going to be a green the color of harmony that i need just like me c one color is too boring one purple and two polka dot walls d a gives you 30 points b is worth 10 c is worth 40 points d

brings you 20 number 11 time to fill that new empty abstract and simple drawing maybe your a quote from your favorite song or book picture of your family friends and travels d something work related a to-do list or monthly planner will do if you picked a add 20 points to your it’s worth 30 points c brings you 40 12. congratulations you just got a how are you going to spend it a two b i’ll rent a huge house with a pool and invite all my friends for a party c how much is a private jet d i’ll invest it to double that money in the fashion fans

you get 40 points party you just earned 30 points if you chose 20 points go your way investors earn 10 number 13 describe the perfect office a my own big office or workshop i need b an informal lounge i’d get the best ideas in an armchair sipping coffee see a cubicle makes me most productive d i love working at my favorite coffee option a brings you 10 points b is worth brings you 20 points and d is worth 30 number 14 would you rather be a a villain known and

feared all across an unrecognized hero someone else takes c always happy but poor d the richest person in the world but forever alone if you picked a add 20 points to your brings you 30 points c is worth 40 and d reward yourself for all those uneasy choices you can pick one dessert a brownies for life they remind me of b sundae please top it with caramel c salad is my favorite dessert healthy d some fancy cake with fruit and many brownie fans get 30 points sunday lovers salad eaters earn 10 points and fancy bring you 20 points


time to sum up all if your final score is 150 to 260 points you were born to be a business person you’re perfect at processing big amounts you have a good eye for details and see entrepreneur pr manager real estate agent or event organizer are perfect jobs for you did you get 270 to 380 you’re a natural scientist or explorer you love solving logical puzzles and you’re focused on the future and want to do something great for humanity you aren’t afraid to step into the unknown you could be an awesome engineer biochemist pilot or even astronaut those have the potential of a leader you have

excellent people skills and easily you love to learn and share your and ask for your advice a teacher a a social worker or a tv host would be you could even be a president if you want if you got 490 points and more you have the soul of an artist you’ve always been creative and spontaneous you’re more of an introvert so it’s easy for you to express yourself through writing or music you have the talent to everyday things you can make a great designer or succeed at any other art.

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