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Global-UGRAD Cultural Exchange Program Pakistan

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs located at the US Department of State offers scholarships in partnership together with US Education Foundation for Pakistan.

It is the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan (Global UGRAD-Pakistan) lets a variety of youth leaders from marginalized communities across Pakistan to spend a year in the US and gain an understanding of how they differ between the culture and traditions of Pakistan and America through the role of an ambassador of culture. Through training in the US and hands-on experiences in leadership positions as well as community engagement and studies in their professions students are taught the knowledge and skills required to implement sustainable economic and civic change within their communities, thereby establishing stability by enhancing capacity locally and cross-cultural understanding.

Perks And Benefits:

  • The Global-UGRAD program is a completely funded program. The scholarship will pay for international travel as well as tuition room and board, health insurance for accidents and illnesses, a tiny monthly allowance ($400-$500) and a grant to purchase the purchase of books ($500).
  • Students reside in residence halls, and have the chance to take part in campus activities and other activities.
  • Global UGRAD is a significant exchange program that aims as a way to introduce students to American education system, society, and its culture.
  • Participants from Global-UGRAD, after returning to Pakistan are a part of the Pakistan-US Alumni Network (PUAN) that is a huge group of alumni from a variety of US Department of State exchange programs.

When you return to Pakistan After your return, you will be encouraged to establish community-based programs within your community. As an enrolled member of PUAN is qualified to request funding through the US Department of State, necessary for the community projects initiative.

Application Process:

The prestigious program is advertised in the local press, through the USEFP website as well as on social media. Applications for the program are open from October and will close by mid November. The program is available to apply online by going the USEFP website and creating an account. The application procedure requires you to submit your online application by the date of the deadline. It is crucial to ensure that you adhere to all the rules of the application procedure. The most important component in the process is the personal statement, which outlines the candidate’s passion and experience in Extracurricular and Community Service activities.

The requirements for eligibility is described as follows:

  • Pakistani citizens
  • 25 years old or younger
  • Are currently enrolled at an institution of higher learning or a university, and are committed to returning to their university of choice after the conclusion of the course
  • They must be in their 14th or 15th years in formal schooling. Medical colleges are also able to apply.
  • Potential for leadership and leadership in their community and at university events
  • A keen interest in studying the United States
  • Achievement in academics at the highest level As indicated by the grades, awards, and reference letters
  • Proficiency in English
  • Students with different backgrounds, and especially students who haven’t previously been able for international travel are encouraged apply.
  • Candidates should not hold two-tiered U.S./Pakistani identity and/or U.S. permanent residence
  • You cannot have a spouse, parent or fiance who are U.S citizen or a permanent U.S resident
  • Do not work for the Fulbright organisation nor of the U.S. Department of State
  • Students shouldn’t be in their last year at the university.
  • Are eligible to apply for an US J-1 visa

Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted and informed during January or February. First round of interviews take place in March.

Interview Procedure:

In advance of you go to the meeting, they will ask for you to compose a short one-page essay on a subject that they choose.

The interviews are held in or at the USEFP Office in Islamabad or at the US Consulate located in Karachi. The format of the interview is an open panel interview that is conducted with Pakistani and American personnel. The interview lasts between 10 and 20 minutes.

The interview will focus upon your personal statement as well as your academic, professional and extracurricular activities. Interviewers will also attempt to get to know your personality and your professional goals for the long term as well as your knowledge of your responsibilities and duties to your country,


and your motivations of involving yourself in service to the community and pride in your country. They are looking to know the significance of what Pakistani culture signifies to you, and why you believe you could be the perfect ambassador for the culture. They also evaluate your ability to speak English. You must be comfortable and prepared to be ready for your interview.

Don’t express strong feelings toward politics, religion or other sensitive topics. American culture says that sensitive issues and subjects are personal and are not to be debated. Instead, show your openness to concepts of empowerment, democracy acceptance and diversity. The Global-UGRAD Program focuses on helping you become an aspiring person of influence in the community as well as within your profession. Therefore, during the interview they will want to determine whether you’ve got the qualities you need to become a successful leader. They also like those who are inclined toward feminism or entrepreneurialism (or the combination with both). Before going into the interview, make sure you are up to date on the latest news and current events.

Post-Selection Process:

The candidates who have been selected are informed about their choice a couple of weeks after. The next step is sending different documents to USEFP including a no-objection Certificate (NOC) Two recommendation letters from your supervisors/ professorsor employers, and the medical certificate of an PMDC-certified medical professional.

USEFP organizes an TOEFL assessment for applicants to take, which is an standardized English proficiency test for language. Keep in mind that the TOEFL score is not a factor in your status on the map in the US. If you score low, it does not mean you’ll be excluded out of the course. It’s only going to result in the requirement to enroll in English classes in your time abroad.

USEFP representatives stay in touch with you as you get ready for your trip in the US. One week before departure, an orientation session is held in Islamabad where you will be prepared for the 4 to 5 months you’ll be spending on the US. All your questions are addressed and any doubts cleared. The orientation also allows participants the chance to interact and get social with one another. It is at this point that students are officially informed of their place within the US.

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