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Society And Peer Pressure In Choosing Career

The most difficult part of choosing a career is the issue for students. They must decide which field should they choose and which field in which they can pursue their studies. The reason for this is that within Pakistani society, the elders and parents play a huge influence over children’s decisions to pursue a the career. The majority of parents are as liberal , or liberal enough to allow their children the choice to choose a the career path they want to pursue.

Parents or elders who influence the families instill this belief into their child’s brain that the only noble profession in Pakistan to pursue is joining the Military and becoming a doctor, Engineer, Pilot or teacher. Other professions that are related to the arts aren’t considered to be worthy enough or considered to have less chance of earning and live a full and happy life.

My opinion is that parents should allow their children the freedom to choose their the career path or profession. They should guide their children to pursue any career which they excel. For instance parents may observe their child they see their child drawing good drawings and is proficient in drawing and paintings, they shouldn’t force their child to choose a job of their own or force your child to choose a career that is more likely to be successful in the future. career.

The elders and parents at home observe their child right from the moment of birth. They understand the capabilities of their child better than any other.

If their child is skilled in a particular area, for instance, performing imitation, decorating the home or cooking writing, painting, or possessing any other talent or ability, then they should help them to pursue careers that match the talent of their child, such as acting or Comedian, Interior Decorator chef, painter Writer/author, Journalist, etc.

Fields To Adopt:

When they are able to incorporate these fields into their studies , the skills of specific aptitudes are enhanced and they can excel in the future careers in the field they chose to pursue. The child will be content in their professional career when they are older. In addition, they will see their job as a hobby and love , but not view it as a the 9-5 sweltering task. Through this they will discover the possibilities of their work and learn new things every day.

I have a few ideas to parents, children counselors and teachers on choosing a career. I would like to inspire children to study and then careers that match my skills.

  • When a kid is proficient at speaking, or adept at communicating, then he can choose these careers. Motivational Speaker Marketing and Sales Lawyer Teacher anchor on radio and TV Vlogger, YouTuber, RJ, News Anchor Psychologist, Psychiatrist Counselor, etc.
  • If your child is adept in creating new things and is a natural thinker, it is advisable to pursue these occupations. Interior designing/decorator, fashion designer, dress design, designer of textiles architect, creating hand-made objects using dough. etc.
  • If a child is talented and is interested in Medical sciences, he must take up these careers. Doctor of MBBS, pharmacist dentist, dietitian, exercise psychologist, nutritionist therapy therapists, massagetherapists optometrist, special children’s therapist and scientific researcher, etc.
  • If your child is fascinated by and proficient in math or other things that involve numbers, then he can pursue these careers. Mathematician, statistician, Aerospace Engineer, Financial Analyst, accounting, CA, ACCA, etc.
  • If a child finds satisfaction in helping others and serving others, and helping others, then he can choose these careers. Charity, nursing, philanthropy educational, and social services and health, psychology counselor, psychiatrist, special children’s therapist, etc.
  • If a child excels at repairing or repairing mechanical items, he can choose a profession. Mechanic, mechatronics engineer, aerospace engineering, robotics, machine technician, electrical/automobile mechanic, metal mechanic, welder, heavy equipment mechanic, maintenance technician.

Another thing I would like to emphasize is that parents should help their children to select a the profession of their family. By receiving a thorough education about their profession children can help their parent’s profession or business to progress.For instance;

  • A landlord, farmer, or any other person who works in the field of agriculture must encourage their child to pursue a degree in the field of agriculture. Your child will be taught about new technology, opportunities and challenges to be faced in the world of agriculture. It could be that the parent doesn’t have the knowledge and skills on how to cope with the challenges of the future. They were either not as educated or not familiar with the latest technologies and research.
  • Families that are connected to the Construction industry must encourage their child to pursue studies in Architectural Engineering or Civil Engineering. By doing this, he can take the family business to an entirely new degree of growth. With a thorough understanding of the opportunities, challenges and the latest technologies in the construction industry and construction, he will be able to excel in at the job of the family.
  • A parent of an automobile mechanic should encourage their child to take up mechanical engineering. An entrepreneur or businessman should encourage their child to pursue a degree in business administration. If a parent lives on the earnings of Livestock must inspire his child to pursue a careers in the field of breeder, meat inspector and livestock veterinarian, farming the dairy farming business. Etc.
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