23 JOBS OF THE FUTURE (and jobs that have no future)

professions that are gonna be in high demand in five and ten years and I’m also gonna mention professions that have no future according to Forbes monster and Glassdoor these are resources that have been researched for this video so if you’re interested what to do in five and 10 years continue watching this video a lot of

professions are getting automated we have Amazon go here in San Francisco people can check out without talking to others they just go and they’re automatically built for what they have in their pockets a lot of automobile companies are testing driverless taxis and driverless cars and trucks so low-level jobs are getting automated robot what it means for us as human beings it means that in the future we’re gonna lose a lot of those low-level jobs but it means that we have a lot more space for creativity so today I’m gonna talk about markets that are gonna survive market number one medicine uh rainbow openings on those market have been growing really fast twenty-six percent year over here and if we compare 2010 with

projections for it 2020 we’re gonna get that there would be 700,000 more jobs and this not only applies to doctors and of course doctors are gonna be in high demand it also applies to people who take care of people who sit at home like home care because we started to live longer I just chatted to a guy here in San Francisco and he’s in his fifties and he’s like I’m gonna live till a hundred eighty years and he’s doing its biohacking he’s working on nutritious food that gonna help you get all the vitamins but this means that yes we’re gonna live longer and we’re gonna need a lot more health care sometime second thing that is thriving on this market is AI T in medicine and


yes a lot of doctors offices are getting automated and yes we can create some processes that are happening in our cells in a lab and watch how we can affect them and there are also some magical things that are happening right now there’s this machine and Stanford called DaVinci machine and you can perform a surgery without even being there so it kind of cuts in the human being and does whatever needs to be done and you can have a doctor here in the United States and that machine in Africa somewhere and the doctor from here will perform a surgery and IT in medicine is also a huge market it’s going to reach more than a hundred billion dollars in valuation in 2020 and is growing 50% year-over-year so if you’re interested in that Bursa Korea there you can have future 100% medicine market number two creative professions as I mentioned before a lot of jobs are getting automated all of the creative


professions are gonna thrive because yes we have AI but it’s not that developed yet it cannot create awesome photographs that cannot create awesome videos that cannot edit videos cannot write text for you yes it can do some kind of stuff but it is not yet on a human beings level so my idea of photographers vloggers content creators video editors you’re gonna have a lot of future and also like


designers architects there’s a huge future for those professions as well and action profession number three salespeople at first I was surprised there is so much technology that is automating sales my friend here he created a company chat fuel and they have automated boss they’re gonna sell you anything but what research says is that we’re looking for more individual care and chatbots cannot provide that yet because again a ai is not that developed so salespeople have awesome skills and sales selling stuff your field is growing sixteen percent year-over-year and again if we compare 2010 to 2020 we’re gonna have 700,000 more openings on those positions good thing


for all of us guys is that a lot of professions that I’m mentioning in this video if you have passion for them if you have enough time you can definitely learn them online for all of the potential sales people out there I just found a course that is called getting a yes on a platform called skill share and Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes and design business technology etc and if you get there Premium Membership you’re gonna get unlimited access to high-quality classes from experts working their fields and you can improve their skills and learn from somebody who’s from that market not like somebody who’d just


read a book and you know is telling you what to do I like that skill share has all of the creators that are professionals in what they’re talking about skill share is also more affordable most learning platforms out there because an annual subscription is gonna get you unlimited access just for ten dollars a month and by the way there is a link below it’s my exclusive link and five hundred people who click I’m gonna get two months for free industry number for that is gonna need a lot of people is food industry and yes again there are


machines that are automating the processes in the industry I just met a guy who created Cafe X and this is a cafe that is automated here in San Francisco click a button you get you a cup of coffee you’re done and also there was this startup in my Combinator that created a machine that did sandwiches but I think they shut it down anyways there’s this trend that some of the basic jobs are automated in the food industry but there is also a trend that people are making more money they spend less time cooking they spend more time going out and actually caring about what they eat so nutritionists


good cooks and people who can create amazing food and mazing restaurants you’re gonna be in high demand ok come on market number five occupation number five developers like any developers software engineer app developer UX UI designer product etc whatever is connected with coding and created products online it’s gonna be in high demand because yes there are still industries that are merging that are going from offline into online and yes we need to help them do that and yes we need a lot of professionals to do that


and by the way these are really well paid professionals if you look at the American market on average software engineer will make like a hundred thousand dollars a year for this profession though you would need a bachelor’s degree and the projected growth if we think of like 2016 and go to 2026 the projected growth is more than 36% and also we’re looking at projected of 1 million employment by 2026 attractive nice software market number six and this is the market where I’m in is education and I would concentrate on post-


secondary education meaning that people are learning languages people are learning different skills and I think this traditional education we just go to classes and follow the curriculum that is already set by somebody else is fading away think of Finland they pray this new school concept where kids don’t just go to classes that teachers tell them to attend they select what they want to do if they want to sing they can sing the whole day if they want to construct something then the school provide resources for that and Finl and just like the top country for education in the world right now and


what I think is gonna be a trend in the future is that people would not just go to like standard school or standard you know university to get their bachelor’s maybe they would even skip some stages and go straight into getting some skill like one year cars and photography one your course and design or whatever and go straight into workplace and get real life experience teachers will be in really high demand but I would also emphasize that education is going online and online education market is growing at fifteen


percent year-over-year so and a lot of universities are publishing the forces online and a lot of teachers are creating their curriculum online so I would say teachers who can bring their courses from offline to online a gonna thrive in the future yeah whose teacher there are also some professions that have unfortunately well according to Forbes monster and Glasser have no future in the next ten years a lot of professions that are connected with agriculture and because yes a lot of them are gonna be automated for example farmers ranchers and other agricultural managers also anything that is connected with post delivery like Postal Service’s mail men etc


and they are also mentioning some professions that are connected with data entry because again there are a lot of programs that can do that and like data analysis this can be done by a machine already on the other hand there are some professions that you cannot really learn right now but they’re gonna be in a huge demand in future for example drone operator there are already so many drones but I haven’t seen like a comprehensive course and row of drone operating but in the future we’re gonna have them everywhere and we should not only navigate them we should also build systems for them to you know coexist with us another professions we are a


designer I think you can already learn it but the future of VR is that you can design something like a spaceship and people are going to go into space can train before they actually fly trash engineers are gonna be in huge demand because we have so much trash and we produce so much trash we need to utilize it without damaging the earth the next profession that I can think of is educational advisor because again we’re going away from this mass-market education we’re going into a more customizable curriculum and if there is a person who you can talk to and who’s gonna tell you oh hey your will be good at this you can take this in that course and take an


internship there and then you could you’re gonna be ready to conquer the market so this kind of professions will be really in high demand in terms of education and the last thing that I wanted to mention is a profession called a body slash Oregon creator brain I just chatted to my friend from MIT and what he’s doing is that they’re growing body parts in pigs because pigs and humans are really similar kind of so they’re taking humans DNA creating a liver in a pig and it’s gonna be hundred percent compatible with that


human they haven’t transferred it yet but this is already what is going on so people who are specializing in that area that is a great area for 2020 that wasn’t from you guys thank you so much for watching this video if you’re not yet subscribed to this channel the red button is here click it and subscribe if you like this video please like it and let me know in comments down below what do you think is gonna be in high demand in future in terms of professions talk to you soon see you soon bye

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