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Jobs and Occupations – Vocabulary for Kids

Jobs and occupations there are so many of them so we’re going to make three videos this is the first one don’t miss teachers teach young children in school doctors look after our health and cure us when we’re sick they work in a nurse help doctors look after our dentists treat gum and mouth sores remember to brush your teeth to keep actors play characters in movies series farmers look after animals and grow fruit vegetables and cereal they work on footballers are professional football players a team sport where they have to kick the ball through the goal posts go bakers make and sell bread or other


products like cakes and cupcakes cooks make tasty food and meals they work at a restaurant a hotel or even at pilots fly airplanes to transport police officers help to maintain law and they arrest the bad guys and they work firefighters put out fires and respond to emergencies they drive their famous fire truck they wear a helmet and use a let’s see if you remember all of them who teaches young children in school who helps the doctor look after us these are some of the many jobs and occupations that exist but there are lots more don’t miss the second jobs and now you know there are lots of jobs and occupations today in this second video we’re going to learn some more astronauts travel in a spaceship through mechanics


repair vehicles like cars motorbikes or buses they work at the garage and use tools like the wrench painters paint and decorate walls and ceilings they use paint brushes paint waiters serve tables and customers at a they take your order and then they bring architects design buildings and are in charge of making sure they’re built judges are in charge of defending and applying the law according to the rights and obligations of the people plumbers install and repair pipes so that we have running water in our house tailors design and sew clothes for their they need to take your measurements so


gardeners look after flowers plants and taxi drivers drive a taxi and take passengers from one place to another in a musician plays songs and melodies on a musical instrument what a beautiful let’s see if you remember all of them who serves food at the restaurant who designs houses and buildings who defends and applies the law who designs and makes clothes who plays songs and melodies on musical well done so many jobs and occupations right there are still lots to learn don’t miss the third and last video hey there we’re back to learn more jobs and occupations ready for the third and


hairdressers cut and comb the hair of their clients they work at the hair salon use scissors and a blow dryer vets treat animals that are sick pharmacists sell medicines and healthcare products they work at the engineers are in charge of designing solutions like machines structures or technology to make our lives easier journalists investigate and collect information related to what is happening they work at the radio or television station or for a magazine and newspaper photographers take photos with their astronomers are scientists who study the universe they use a telescope to observe the stars the planets or the galaxies news presenters are people who present lifeguards are in charge of our safety they sit at an elevated position they use a floating ring and a jet ski singers sing music


using their voice mail carriers deliver parcels and letters to people’s houses sometimes carrier see if you remember all of them who designs machines and structures information to tell other people about who takes photos with their camera who is in charge of our safety at the who delivers parcels and letters there are so many jobs and occupations right now that you’ve learned all of them do you know what you’d like to be did you like the video we have so many subscribe by clicking on the seal ah and if you want to keep watching more

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