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Know The Common Scams Targeting Job Applicants

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Each service, every technology is designed to solve an essential issue of human race. Every revolution in the history of humanity has drastically altered the quality of life of generations to come. It is also evident that the impact of the 3rd and 4th revolutions have reached out to more people than ever before. That means that more than 4.5 billionpeople connect to the web in the present and thereby providing the opportunity for every human being to gain access to learning, education, and sharing information with other humans and creating a wide range of new opportunities for employment.

At BrightSpyre Our mission, since the very beginning has been to provide people with greater and more employment opportunities. This has allowed us connect with millions of users on the verge of finding a job and assisting more than 100,000+ people find job placement in the field. Alongside connect people to opportunities, we also run a massive counseling program that assists people to help them through situations when they are without work.

Technology has enabled us to access many opportunities in the field of education learning, networking with family and friends, and even employment opportunities, but at the same time, there exist a variety of people in the world who use technology to commit fraud which hurt people emotionally as well as financially.

We’ve seen recently cyber-crimes increased by multiple times, resulting in increasing numbers of people being caught. It is essential for all internet users to know the way cybercrimes is working in order to quickly discern between bad and good elements when using the internet and mobile apps. It is crucial to be aware of these scams and don’t

We’ll be focusing on frauds taking place within the realm of employment.

Common characteristics of fraudulent advertisements.

  1. Scammers make use of all channels, and most importantly, they are able to reach a greater public, at very little and even no costs. They market their services on every platform possible including websites on the internet or social media, SMS or traditional method of newspaper or other common physical methods they can utilize to reach out to a wide audience. It is also a chance for people to be a part of the process as the same advertisement over and over can send impressions in our minds about the bogus motives behind these ads. Therefore, it is important to examine everything you encounter in the web or in your surroundings and try to figure out the motive behind these ads.
  2. Scammers employ emotional content in their ads. For scams that are based on employment Scammers lure people by offering huge sums of moneytypically focusing on simple methods to earn huge amounts of money. Scammers are skilled and they make up perceptions of easy money through their ads. As an end-user it is important to build up the skills to discern when you are able to easily distinguish fake advertisements from genuine ones.
  3. Scam advertisements appear to be authentic ones. The scammers design their designs, content language and colors in such a manner that makes them difficult to distinguish from the genuine ones. Or, they appear similar to real ones. Take a look at these advertisements for clues hidden in the ads which can help you differentiate ads from spammers. Scammers create websites that look similar to real company URLs,
  4. If you come across any advertisement which promise massive amounts of money in a short amount of effort, you must steer clear of these and be vigilant as the majority of advertisements are frauds.
  5. Scammers seek out ways to bypass the most common checks to promote and appeal to the general public. The web-based platforms monitor on scammers, however they also let scammers find a more effective ways to contact you via different channels. If you are exposed to such advertisements make sure you understand why the advertisement is reaching you and you should discover a way of reaching to the agency that is advertising to learn more about.
  6. Scammers attract people of all ages with their ads and the chance of people who are not commoners being caught in the scams is high. Make sure that you speak about these scams with your friends and aid others avoid these frauds.
  7. Scammers are professional swindlers. Scammers take your data from any device they have access to. Be careful not to divulge your personal information when shopping or when you enter the office.
  8. Scammers make use of the way that our companies and industries operate. Employers often advertise their job openings without identifying their identity. This is also the case in Govt. advertisements, where advertisements are created without divulging the identity of employer. Scammers duplicate the same technique and employ these standards to conceal their identities.

Who are the most frequent targets of scammers working in the employment domain?

  • People who aren’t in work.
  • People who are still very young to their professional careers.
  • People from remote regions.
  • People who are at risk particularly women.
  • They don’t confirm the legitimacy of information they read or consume.

How can you spot frauds in the field of employment?

  1. Scammers are easily identified by their appearance

Scammers solicit money early in their processes, especially when they are connected to recruiting. E.g in the case of Facebook You can use the service for free and you don’t have to pay Facebook to use the Facebook, however, advertisers pay Facebook for advertising their services.

The same is true for, where we charge employers for locating top talent but do not charge anyone else. In the world of fraudsters, after just only a few handsshakes, scammers begin demanding cash.

This is why you’ll see numerous ads for work-from-home jobs in the media and on the internet. If you do have a possibility of connecting to them, they’ll ask for cash to establish your identification ( an often used term in these situations). If someone asks you to pay to help you with job search or placement you can that you double-check the information to steer clear of these fraudsters.

  1. Scammers are easily identified by their language

The scammers are recognized through the way they use language when communicating. The way they write doesn’t resemble an official writing style, and that’s the first aspect to look into. Recently, in a scam, scammers communicated the interview letter via email.

“Dear Respected Candidate

How Are you and Family? I hope that everything is good

We are impressed by your expertise and skills. We we are thrilled to

We offer you the Senior Position in our new opening projects. Please Check

Download Attachment.


In reading this email you will notice numerous errors spelling errors, poor grammar poor style of communication and the complete lack of professionalism in communicating the message. This is most likely an telephone call made by a fraudster.

  1. Scammers employ a physical location that is far from the person you are

In the recent scams, we discovered that the address of scammers mentioned by them is in an unreachable location or outside of the commercial areas in the city. A physical address that is not in the commercial areas, or an area that is remote, it helps scammers to avoid physical surveillance or make it difficult for the scammers to reach them. If you’re being asked to take part in an interview in a remote location or in a distant area and you are not sure, please look into the request for interview.

It is also prevalent in global job market. It allows scammers to remain far from you, and then use their channels of communication to carry out fraud. Be vigilant in these instances and seek the assistance we provide.

  1. Scammers are everywhere and can be found all over the place.

A lot of scams that are aimed at employers are widespread. There’s a good chance that a acquaintances, colleagues or even one of your connections has been in the same situation like the one you’re currently in. If you’re unsure, do not hesitate to ask your friends and acquaintances about the legitimacy of the advertisement or an interview. Request advice from your network member on how to recognize the frauds.

  1. Do not trust anyone.

Don’t believe what you see or believe in. your brain believes. Make sure you verify and check the information again. If you are unable to confirm the job advertisement or call Contact BrightSpyre to get assistance. We’ve been involved in the business of recruiting for more than two decades and can assist you with your questions here.

  1. Get help

Always check for channels that you can get help to confirm the legitimacy of the adsor the interview calls. Do not overlook these. If you want to confirm the advertisement or the interview call Contact BrightSpyre. We’ve been in the field of recruitment for over 2 decades and can assist you in this regard.

What support networks are available to me?

  1. BrightSpyre. Contact us for any question, assistance you require for your . We have one of the biggest career counseling programs and are able to listen and assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us.
  2. There will be more… to come
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