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Learning WordPress Is A New #WOW

The year before, Pakistan saw numerous WOW moments of women’s empowerment. Let us now convince you that “Women on WordPress” is the new #WOW of 2020. The community “Women on WordPress allows you the chance to get involved to WordPress projects and offers free classes to master this hottest skill for free. Doesn’t this sound like a WOW moment!

It is possible to be a college student, small business owner, freelancer, or any who wants to master something that is popular in the future market throughout the time. The beginning of 2020 is the perfect moment to examine our skill set and determine if it is in line with the requirements of the future job markets. It is certain that you will not be disappointed in including WordPress to your repertoire of talents.

According to survey of web technology, WordPress is used by about 35.8 percent of all websites, which amounts to 62.6 percent of the market share. WordPress is a hugely popular platform and will continue to grow in the future years. In addition, the process of learning WordPress will open doors for you to learn other digital skills that you will require in the current digital age.

What Exactly Are “WordPress Skills”?

WordPress abilities will give you an advantage in many ways. It are classified into different levels.

  • Writing and publish blog posts or page (contributor abilities)
  • The ability to setup and manage the administration of a WordPress website (content skills of a manager)
  • Learning how to create thematic themes as well as plugins (development abilities)

Here’s Some More Reasons To Learn WordPress

1. WordPress To Empower You

It is not necessary to be a programmer to develop and maintain a site using WordPress. WordPress is a free software to create websites that gives you control of the layout as well as features and content without the need for coding skills. Anything that requires programming skills to design and maintain is converted into simple user interface. WordPress provides you with the necessary elements you require for web-based design and performance.

2. Gateway To Succeed In Future Job Market

WordPress is constantly updating and improving in line with the most recent trends in the market. WordPress allows anyone to design stunning and complex layouts without having to write a single line of code. With more than 61% of CMSs running on WordPress, this indicates that there is a massive demand for those who are proficient in WordPress.

It’s not just limited to this and WordPress is an entry point to other emerging trends in online marketing and product administration, and other areas of management. WordPress is an international phenomenon that is will be the new face of job markets.

3. It Is For Everyone, For Anything

It was initially an online blogging platform, but it’s today a popular choice for corporate websites as well as personal blog sites. WordPress can be used to create a social networking, business pages the cloud drive platform, marketing landing pages and more. Its current CMS percentage of 60 percent indicates a growing need for skilled people in WordPress.

4. Acquire Additional Skills Set

When working with WordPress site, you will not just learn how to layout the various aspects of the internet as well as its pages and blog posts, but also other techniques as well. You will also learn to improve your SEO, website experience, and so on. These are the skills you will need:

  • Communication
  • Research
  • Analysis of data

Most importantly, you will be taught how to interact with a variety of parties. Working with WordPress can help you improve your communication skills to make it simple, concise and interesting. This will aid you in all other areas of your life and is easily transferable to public speaking, interviewing , or emailing. We can assure you that employers will always prefer those with strong report writing abilities.

It can help you improve your ability to research, as well as how to make use of data. In terms of data, it is a booming ability, WordPress is a fantastic entry point. With Google analytics, you are able to experiment to measure, improve and optimize your site.

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