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Right Route To Apply For A Job Opening

The Human Resource Market is becoming increasingly competitive for both candidates as well as for businesses. The competition for positions is fierce for those who want to be within a more efficient organization. Organizations are competing to retain and attract the most talented talent.

In this article, I’m concerned about the job seekers and their path to success, and factors that can help during the process. Candidates must be aware that he/she’s not the only person that is applying for the job. Rather, there are many. Thus, prior to presenting themselves for the job, the candidate must first follow certain procedures.

  • You are who you are.

Richard who was from St. Victor said “The high peak of knowledge is perfect self – knowledge”

What are your qualifications? What is the type of knowledge, experience, and experience do you have? What are your goals for your career? What kind of work is satisfying for you? What kind of job do you want to pursue? What are you weak in? What can you do to overcome your weaknesses? What are your strengths? How do you make the most of every opportunity, regardless of the pros as well as negatives?

  • How do you define your market?

Study the market; what industries are in operation within your local boundaries? What kind of company is more appropriate to your visions? If you’re a fresh student, what organisation has a better training and development environment? What opportunities are there on the market? What are your competition’s strengths? How do you stay ahead in the game?

  • Search for Job;

You have a good understanding of you and the market, is the best time to start looking for the right job. There are a variety of channels that a business can employ for job posting and recruitment. For those who work long hours, newspapers are a major source used for this reason, so be sure to look through the newspaper listings postings for jobs daily. In recent years, the pattern has shifting from newspaper advertisements to job ads on the internet. It is essential to be present in the online space to remain on top of the the job market. In the age of information technology, organizations post open jobs on their own job websites and commercial portals operating in the marketplace and on professional online networks such as “Linkedin”.

  • Scanning the ad

Research suggests looking at the place first before we read the job advertisements. Then , one must consider the organization seeking to hire, and what kind of setting it is in? What are the principal tasks and responsibilities for the job holder? What kind of persona will be able to perform the duties?

  • Match Job and Personal Profile;

The next step is to evaluate your personal profile with the description of the job that you are interested in. If the job description doesn’t match, the description, then you can search for a different job. If you think this job is pertinent to your field of interest and aligns with your education and the skills you possess, you should prepare the all the necessary documents.

  • Prepare the Application;

When you are preparing the documents required, you should be cautious. You can’t change your diploma or degree What you will need to include is a cover note and your curriculum Vitae.

The cover letter must be concise. It should consist of three paragraphs and should describe your past, present, and any future plans you’ve got.

Curriculum Vitae, also known as the CV is an significant component of the application. It should accurately represent your personality and show the prospective employer who you are. It must convey your entire profile to the person who is looking for you, even if you’re not physically there. Therefore, it must be precise and specific and are required about your professional experience, but you must also be aware that recruiters do not have the time to go through your CV. Instead, they will devote a couple of minutes to read it and so you should maintain it in a format that tell the employer what you would like to say about your personal qualities. Re-read and revise your resume for every job you’d like to fill.

Below are some expert ways to build an excellent resume and CV.


The job search process is never ending especially for recent graduates. it can be difficult and requires more efforts to be successful in this highly competitive environment. Be focus and only apply for positions that match your skills and work experience. According to Syed Kazmi

“Do not make yourself worthless by throwing yourself to each and every position that are not even relevant or equal to your caliber”

Assess your strengths and weaknesses by studying your own strengths and weaknesses. Then, apply to the jobs while taking note of the strengths as well as weaknesses. The steps you follow won’t guarantee your employment, but they can assist and boost your likelihood of being successful in your job search.

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