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What To Expect When Entering Into Jobs Market?

The job market opens for fresh graduates, it appears that heaven has opened the door. The long wait appears to be coming to an end. After a couple of months of submitting CV’s, going through interviews, and snoring about the response from companies that seemed like the doorway to heaven is now an unending pit of hell. depression, anxiety and anger seems to be swarming from it.

In this moment, you really feel like an stupid person with a capital. The thoughts keep resonating through your head: if everyone else was hired, so and why me? Do I really think no one wants to hire me, or is it due to do with my education or should I have pursued something other than this? What is happening to me?

The reason for this issue is that we’re not mentally ready to deal with the realities in the world of work. Students are in an institution that is fed with content of the textbooks. They are released just as chips that are rolled out from a factory. They know that they’ll find a job due to their degrees however, what they do not realize is that what they can provide to the marketplace is the same as thousands of other graduates like theirs.


We’re not creating graduates that can meet needs of the market or display the professionalism that is expected. It’s all about developing the mind and developing one’s ability, that is completely ignored at institution level. Students are taught repeatedly that academic excellence is essential, but they’re not taught that they must be complete in character and knowledge of their subject.


The competitiveness factor has increased by a lot. It’s no any more about the individual who scored the highest score on the report card, but the market is demanding smart people who are flexible and dynamic for the work they have to perform. A few companies still choose to hire based on academic credentials Most companies will require you to participate in an elaborate hiring procedure. You must distinguish yourself from other applicants in order to succeed.

We all have our own uniqueness and each other , as are our personalities and abilities. One should highlight their strengths and talents and seek an occupation that is similar, it will not benefit applicants if they’re trying to make a career out of an area they’re not skilled at. It is important to enter the market with clear goals and goals, and it’s recommended to examine all possibilities prior to making your CV available to organizations.


Being aware of the current trends in the market can assist applicants to assess their standing in the market but also determine the best opportunities that fit their strengths. The most lucrative job on the market, only to end up finding yourself disappointed is not an acceptable option since it is what everyone does. It is important to realize that education and degrees are the only way to be eligible to work in the market. being hired and working in it depends on the individual’s skills and energy.

A few tips to be aware of prior to launching into the job search.

  1. Set your goals for the job that you are looking for.

    2. Know the specifics of the job you’re seeking from those working in the field.

    3. Get ready for the interview. That means you must have up-to-date and sufficient knowledge of your field.

    4. Experience is more important than pay, so don’t be expecting to receive a large sum at the beginning the course of career.

    5. Always think ahead Do not rely on one chance.

    6. Do not allow yourself to become bored, do something and stay engaged.

    7. The most important thing is that one must be clever and hardworking in order to survive.

    8. Don’t lose hope, the best things are bound to happen in the end.

These suggestions don’t guarantee you a job, but they will help prepare you for what appears in the near future.


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