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What Career Personality Are You? The Six Career Personality Types

have you ever felt like everybody has their whole life planned out and you’re still trying to figure out what you’re going to major in or what career you want if so in this video we’re going to talk about what career personality you are and the sixth career personality really excited because we have a special Michelle Chow who is the co-founder of Gladio org we’re actually in the YouTube space la right now so we’re very excited about shooting here and I’m also hoping to get more wisdom and awesomeness with you guys so we can help you even more on your journey to college and beyond so Michelle can you tell us a little bit about what Gladio is and what your mission is yeah well thank you for having me yeah of course so glad org is a virtual career day we’re an online platform that helps anyone anywhere find and pursue their dream career so it consists of a career quiz career videos profiles and infographics and then we opportunities that help you

successfully pursue that career okay great and today we’re going to talk about career personalities can you tell us what is a career personality so there’s an American psychologist named dr. Holland and he said the choice of a career is an expression of personality and he suggested that people work best in work environments that matched their preferences and their personality types so he created Holland’s codes which is basically six personality types that the Department of Labor uses to classify careers and so when choosing a career it’s important to identify your personality types and usually if you’re personality types and once you identify them then you can

find the careers that so here we go first personality okay the Builder the Builder is somebody who likes to work with their hands very active good with tools machines somebody who’s very good with physical skills so builder would be somebody who works in athletics somebody who contractor an architect usually a lot of people who work in production for instance you know you’re working on a movie set and somebody has to create this like you know create the Wardrobe has to create the set a lot of people who build houses from the electricians to the iron workers to the carpenters the next one

the Creator a lot of people think the Creator means what you can draw or paint you know artistic abilities yes those are creators too but it’s also people who think outside the box they’re not just going to accept a rule and be like gonna follow it no matter what there are perspectives and also come up with new ideas and new products usually they stay traditionally you can think of creators a graphic designer or any type of artist but a creator can also be somebody an entrepreneur is a creator usually filmmaker a producer they can be

people who like in a company the creative people personalities are the people like maybe product designers which product designers are people who come up with the idea of a new product but again even even with all of these careers like you said earlier most careers or combination and most human beings or a combination of a lot of these different personality types so it doesn’t mean that if you’re creative that you’re not also a builder or you’re not also a problem

solver or something else exactly all careers are a combination right so like a medical scientist thing you think ok maybe that’s probably just problems I’ve but no problem solver they’re a builder and they’re creator because they’re coming up with you know a new solution for a certain medical problem I think this is actually a really good message because I know like when I was growing up I always felt like I’m a creative right I loved being creative when I was a kid I

also loved building things but I think I always felt like to be creative I had to go into the arts right like I had to major in film or I had to be an actress or do something like that and I think now that I’m older I realized that being creative is just like it’s part of your personality and in so many organizations creativity is a valued skill and it’s an asset and it’s a part of who you are that you don’t have to necessarily be a professional artist in order to be creative right

would you agree yes totally but the truth is you can go to health care and you can be creative Yeah right like every industry every company has every personality type that’s been boy yeah every single personality type we should cultivate all of them but knowing what you just naturally are good at then you can kind of steer your way to like which career you want in a certain industry ok then the persuader this personality strength is not really highlighted in in high school the persuader is somebody who can lead people

who can sell anything to anybody you can sell water to a whale you know you know that person in your high school who can just convince you of anything but that person that skill is actually very very valued in any company you know sales for instance and you know in every organization any company sales is a huge part you know persuaders are also self-starters nobody’s telling you to do it you just do it right there’s a little bit of an entrepreneurial yes vibe with the persuader it’s like they can just go out there and they’re not afraid and public


speaking yeah and what are some specific careers where that kind of sales ability or ability to persuade people comes in real estate agent right a lot of the people who are politicians have the persuader personality this could even be I would say like social media manager like if you guys are really good at Instagram that’s like a huge asset and people will hire you to help their company like Instagram better

and then the people person somebody who likes people specifically likes to serve and help people you know I mean the best people person career is really nurse you know somebody who’s very patient with people finds joy and helping them help somebody get better or help help somebody learn something you know so a a therapist even also people who work in sales and customer service and then there’s the organizer and the organizer is somebody who likes structure processes and can you know complete tasks with accuracy and


precision you know and it’s somebody who you know works in operations and that person is somebody who likes to make sure that things are done on time on budget specific careers are like for instance like an accountant you know or somebody who’s like an event planner you know when you’re doing like wedding planning you need somebody who’s like very methodical right somebody who just likes rules and order right so that like kind of a type maybe personality who is like all the Ducks are in a row yes yes or like if

you’re the person who like your study notes are like in four colors color-coded right that person who has like way too many office supplies yeah you just use Google Calendar and like your desk is very organized right yeah the problem solvers like somebody who likes to solve complex problems somebody who’s very analytical inquisitive so software engineers any type of engineer professor

certain types of professors and you know normally in high school the personality type that gets considered the most intelligent is the problem solver but in the real world all of the personality types are valued and needed to actually have any organization succeed so I think we need to change the paradigm from how intelligent are you – how are you intelligent and a lot of these skills I think I’ll just point out a lot of these careers are not necessarily skills so to speak that are taught in school right right a lot of these personality strengths

are things that you actually naturally do but you can also work on all of them right so when you’re taking the career quiz it’s really finding what you’re naturally good at does it mean that you shouldn’t be cultivating the other personality types yeah okay once you figure out like like these personality types seem pretty straightforward and simple right like I think figuring out if you’re like a people person or a data person like that might be much easier than figuring out what the heck you’re going to do with that fact so how do students take

that information or how do people take that information and then turn it into oh this is actually a career path I want to pursue or how do they figure out which careers fit that yeah so on our actually platform you can take a career quiz and it gives you a bunch of questions that you can figure out your personality strings and then it asks you questions about your interests then it actually shows you your top three personality strengths and then all the careers and

industries that match right and so when you press a career profile then you can watch a video of a real-life person who’s working in that career and our videos talk about like what was their motivation to going into that career we don’t just talk about like what’s needed and your skills or education and then once you’re inspired by a person’s individual stories then you can look at our career profiles and it tells you exactly what you need to do like to pursue that career from major to how to get your first internship to you know how to network and then a bunch a list of resources of different

organizations you can join professional associations that’s something that you guys should look into there are professional associations for every single industry architecture to film and a lot of those organizations have free webinars they have lives Facebook live streams and even networking events and I think in order to translate what your personality strengths are to careers is you need to start exploring what’s out there so on our career quiz you can

actually take the quiz and it suggests different careers but we’re adding careers every single month because for instance like social media manager like that didn’t even exist like what seven years ago it wasn’t right you need to just get yourself out there and start absorbing and learning I’m just being exposing yourself to all these yeah even if you’re like in high school or college or yeah I do a meetup group is that the I think the more you know about yourself and the more you know about what’s out there it gives you a


direction in your life you know you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re probably gonna save more money and time and if we can share one idea with this video that makes me really excited you guys it’s that you are who you are and you have all these talents and like whatever you think this is my career and this is like what I’m going to do it’s actually like almost a relief I feel like great if we have a six personality types and we start with that there are so many ways that you guys can make a difference in the world and whatever you think that like one box that you can check off you know I think life is a series of opportunities and opportunities and I know we were

talking about this before the camera is even started or rolling but I think there’s also this idea that oftentimes I think you guys feel like you have to pick a career from all the careers that you’ve heard of right now and some careers that are going to be around after you graduate from college don’t exist right now and we don’t even know what they are we’re not sure really sure what those careers are gonna be and that’s why I think this is so empowering that this is about learning yourself so that you know like what kind of a worker you want to be and what kind of a participant in our economy and in our world you want to be and then you know the rest can kind of


follow as long as you keep an open ear and you’re exploring and one awesome way that you can do that is on Gladio thank you so much for joining us Michelle it was really awesome to have you like I said we’re gonna be interviewing more interviewing someone running for president if you guys like this video and you light seeing conversation and we’re voices on our channel tell us below in the comments and if you have more ideas on the kinds of information that you guys want as you navigate college admissions career and

Beyond post a comment below this video and let us know subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already to get more awesome tips you can find us on Instagram on Facebook and on Twitter and Michelle how can students find out more about Gladio and all the resources you offer yeah so our website is gladion org you can take the career quiz there and figure out your personality types and the careers that match them.

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